Air Combat Australia –  1943

by Richard Dunn
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First Brock’s Creek raid

Second Brock's Creek raid

No. 1 Fighter Wing Claims

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Air Combat Australia – 1943
Table of Contents

I. March 2nd, 1943

II. After the first raid

III. February 1943

IV. No. 1 Fighter Wing

V. The Japanese Prepare

VI. Second March attack

VII. Japanese Defensive Missions

VIII. May 2nd

IX. Criticism and comparison

X. Millingimbi

XI. Japanese army raid

XII. June 1943

XIII. June 28th

XIV. First Brock’s Creek raid (Fenton)

XV. Second Brock’s Creek raid

XVI. Spitfires found wanting

XVII. Japanese reconnaissance

XVIII. Fading presence

XIX. After the raids


23rd Air Flotilla Aircraft Status – 15 July 1943

No. 1 Fighter Wing Claims

Wing Commander Caldwell’s Victory Claims

Spitfire versus Zero

Detailed 202 Ku Victory Claims